Thursday, June 26, 2008

I joined As I was searching for a good fit, I realized I am kind of scared to commit. What kind of a wussy am I? There were two things I was interested in. One is the Raise The Roof golf Tournament on Aug. 6th and it is for Habitat for Humanity. The other is volunteering at the new Hastings Goodwill store. Hmmm, this is going to require some thought.

Gun shy,


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe not so much

Craigs list has volunteer ideas for places like India, Kenya, no thanks. I was thinking a little more local.

Help me out here people!!

Something More

So, lately I have felt this pull to do something more for mankind. As in, volunteer for something. Unfortunately I have absolutely no direction as to what I want to do. Thankfully, there are so many resources out there to find volunteer opportunities that once I start searching I am sure something will strike my fancy.

Seriously, my heart has been aching to do something for other people. Maybe it is because my life feels a little out of my control and so I have the desire to help others get theirs back on track. It could be that as I am getting older I am starting feeling responsible for more than just myself and feel the need to reach out. Lots of people say that volunteering gives more to them than they feel that they put out. I just keep thinking that I want to show my kids how to be a good citizen and help out others instead of this consumer driven, self involved world that they see on tv. I would like them to have a broader vision than My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. I watch that show, but feel shamed during and after.

Grace and I are doing the PKD walk and that is volunteering, but I want to do something on a regular basis, like once a month or something. This is going to require some thought and soul searching.

Plus, it is a good karma generator and I need some of that. Lately, I have been looking at my life and wondering if I am working out some bad karma, and I wonder what it is I did to generate bad karma. And then again, it could just be the ups and downs of life and maybe the lesson is to take life as it comes, good or bad and find a way to still be happy.

Anyways, I am going to start with Craigslist for volunteer ideas, if anyone has any volunteer ideas for me, feel free to post them, I am open to anything!

Wishing you love and contentment,


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For the Love of Grace, JOIN US!

In walking for PKD-Polycystic Kidney Disease. Grace has PKD and is doing great right now, no symptoms. But, that might not always be the case. So, Grace and I are forming a team to walk in the Walk for PKD in order to raise money and awareness of this disease.

Please visit our team site and join us or donate money to this awesome cause. If you feel moved to join AND donate, more power to you!

It costs $15 a person to register and you get a free t-shirt.

The walk is September 13th at 10:00 am, at Normandale Lake Park.

I am really excited and think it will be a lot of fun. We are also thinking of ordering visors for our team. The cost is $12 each if we order 10 or more. The visors will be black with our team name "For the Love of Grace" embroidered in hot pink on the front.

Hope to see you join and/or donate funds to this awesome cause!

Gabbi and Grace (The GG's)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Whoooo HOOOO

Grace missed the last day of school to be in Suzies wedding. The last day of school is when they hand out report cards and tell you who your teacher is for the next year. We have not received her report card yet and Grace and I have been dying to find out who her teacher is for 4th grade. Yes, I said 4th GRADE. I can hardly believe I have an almost 4th grader. Anyways, she got Mr. Chellin who is quite the cuteie patootie. So, good for her and for me.

Celebrating on the inside,


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello ALL

Feeling much better today. Took my meds yesterday and today, life is good.

I am super excited because I saw this thing that I want to do:

Rockstar Storytellers: The LIVE Recording Session The Rockstar Storytellers want YOU to be in their audience for their first live recording session! In one super-sized evening, Allegra Lingo, phillip andrew bennett low, Courtney McClean, Curt Lund, Laura Bidgood, Allison Broeren, Mike Fotis, Dave Mondy, and Rik Reppe will take the stage and present their greatest hits from the "Undressed" series. We will be doing an audio recording, plus a film crew from Indie Spirit is flying in from New York to film the show for their online entertainment magazine and add us to their roster of artists. You don't want to miss this one! Tuesday, July 15 at 7 pm (6pm doors)Bryant Lake Bowl $14 / $12 with a Fringe button. Or call 612-825-8949 to make advanced reservations, use the codeword "ROCKSTAR", and receive two for one tickets

So, I am currently trying to scam someone to go with me. I am confident I will be successful. Storytelling is a wonderful art and I have always loved it. I am a good personal storyteller, but not so much for ones that I did not live.

Today, I went on line to my bank, logged on, knowing it was not going to be good, bravely entered my log in and squinted my eyes shut. Whew! Not as bad as I thought. I certainly did not have a positive balance, but it was a negative I could deal with and be somewhatly relieved about. I hate having to pray before I log on to my checking account. It used to not be like that. I want to go back to those days. I will be there soon enough, I know it.

Tonight Grace and I are signed up for the 4-H booth at the Summer Kick off in Freedom Park. We are applying tattoos. Should be fun. Ted is making Burgers and Asparagus on the grill and we are havnig tater tots, the Crispy Crown kind, all of the crunchy goodness none of the mushy bad stuff!

This weekend we have 3 Grad parties to go to! Oh dear. Saturday we have one in Hugo, one in Oakdale and Sunday one in Inver Grove Heights. Should be fun.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In a mood

I am in a mood today. Cranky and out of sorts. I should go back and look through my blogs and see if there is a pattern to my craziness. Truthfully, I am WAY to lazy for that today and I don't really want an explanation, I just want to be my happy go lucky self....RIGHT NOW!

Company boat trip today and I am partially looking forward to it because it is a beautiful day and who does not love being on the river. But then again, I have to put on the happy smiley face even though I would love to just lounge and read a book.

Think of me wishing I were lounging,


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Brain Freeze!!!!!!!!!!!

It hurts so good...

Time out #2

So last night we had to do Time out #2 for the Sam man. Again with the screaming, oh yea, and he threw his plate of food on the floor. Thankfully, his bath not only washed the grime off him, it washed away his stinky attitude also and he was my clean and sparkly boy again.

Grace has been super helpful around the house and that has seriously minimized my stress. She is getting so big, like a mini-teenager. I am really enjoying finding out all of the things she can help me with around the house and that she is happy to do.

I walked like crazy yesterday. Felt so good. My kitchen is mostly clean, and I have dinner planned, can life get any better?



Monday, June 16, 2008

I forgot...

So after our little keeping the kitchen clean Family Meeting, things have been going relatively well. Grace has been extra helpful with minimal whining. The kitchen has been clean, Grace now LOVES to Shark every room in the house. Thank goodness! It is pretty awesome.

New Discovery: Delegation RULES!

I left a note this AM for Ted and Grace (they get home before me) told Ted to make BLT's for dinner and I threw the bacon in the fridge, left a note for Grace to empty the dishwasher AND put the dishes away (I have a very literal child, when I first was having her empty the dishwasher, that is just what she did. Empty it. Left all the dishes on the counter and was confused when I told her she was not done....but I digress) and to break down boxes for recycling and to shark the pantry.


Bossy Pants,


Busy Weekend

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you daddies out there....

Sunday we went to Ted's Aunt's for a Fathers Day picnic. It was so good to see everyone and Ted's Grandma got to see the kids and that was extra special. Grandma Lorraine lives far far away and so we don't get to see her as often as we would like. Brought lots of pictures of the kids to show off. Sam loved being outside, but boy is he a handful to keep track of. That boy loves to explore. It took everyone there to keep him out of the pond and the barn. Thank goodness he is a sweetie and no one minded.

Saturday Grace got up early and went with Miss Marie to Spanish camp. She had a blast. She came home exhausted. Amanda and I took the rest of the kids to the Farmers Market and everyone knows how much I love that. I got some new soaps that made me extra happy.

Saturday evening Randi and Rena came over and had dinner with us; Chicken Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread...YUMMY! I gave Ted his Fathers Day gift on Saturday night, since he was grilling, I figured the gift of the BBQ set would be appropriate.

Super touching moment: So in the afternoon I asked Kenzee if she wanted to make her dad a Fathers Day card, and she did. Afterwards she brings it to me and she drew a picture of "Dad, Mom, Grace, Kenzee and Sampsin" (Yes, that is how she spelled cute) anyways, she brings it over to me and says "Oh, that's you." and points to the "Mom". SO SWEET, it made me feel really good that she feels comfortable enough to draw me as her mom, at least at our house I am her mom. The joys of a Stepmom!

After dinner, Randi, Rena, Sam and I went to my moms and I did a reiki on Randi. It felt really good, I have not done a reiki in a while and it felt good to stretch my legs again.

Friday night Ted and I watched the movie Jumper. It was good. When I grow up, I want to be able to teleport. Can you imagine all cool stuff you could do... I did not realize Samuel L. Jackson was in the movie and so that was a nice surprise. It didn't hurt that the main character was scrum-diddly-umptious!

Other than that, I have barely wrote down my foods, can't even find my list and have made no attempt to track my points. BUT, I am SO WALKING TONIGHT! I think that makes up for something.

The Slacker,


Did I mention at one point on Sunday Ted thought our washing machine broke? Well he did and after the party we went to Home Depot. We pulled in at 7:03 and they closed at 7:00. DARN IT! Somehow when we got home, Ted miraculously fixed the machine...hmmmm, funny how that works. I wonder if it was not just a trick to go buy an appliance????

Friday, June 13, 2008


Wednesday night was the first time I had to give Sampson a time-out. Hilarious. For some reason he decided to start screaming this awful high pitched scream if he asked for something/pointed to something/thought about wanting something and you did not: hand it to him/know what he wanted/read his mind in 0.2 seconds. Great. This type of attitude is not going to work in my home.

So, I picked him up, put him on the chair in the living room and said "We do not scream. You sit here until you can be nice." He cried and stayed on the chair for a couple minutes, came out of the living room still crying. I told him "you need to stay in there until you are done crying." he hung his little heead cried harder and turned around and walked back in the living room.

Funny and sad all at the same time. Who knew that punishing your children would be so painful for the parent? It is a necessary evil though. He has not screamed since. Maybe he learned something or.....maybe I have just gotten faster at determining his needs?

Tonight is Pizza/Movie night. Nancy Drew is on the line up.

Happy Weekend,


Trying More new things

Tried a Soy Joy Bar this morning, Almond raisin flavor.


Tried to choke it down but couldn't,


Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a good looking family:

Quick Update

First of all to update on my trying one new thing a week.

Last week I tried cherry flavored craisins and they are my new obsession (Sam's too).

This week I tried unsweetened iced tea. Ummm, let's just say it has a new name. Twig Water. That is exactly what it tastes like, water with twigs in it. UGH. I was thinking it was an acquired taste and so I drank it all; it never got better.

Also, I am a new member of Facebook. I do not quite understand it, but it is a new thing I am trying. Oh goodness, two new things in one week, I hope my brain does not explode.

Last night I made a fabulous purchase of a Shark Sweeper for my kitchen. Brought it home so excited to use it and found out I have to charge ti for 20 hours before I use it the first time. Bummer. Tonight at 9:00 pm, don't even think fo calling me because I will be 'sharking' my way through the house!

We had a family meeting last night to discuss our messy kitchen situation and everyone has agreed to help out after dinner to get the kitchen clean and ready for the next morning. I am having all these Leave it to Beaver visions in my head. Grace jumped right on board, which makes me very nervous because that was WAY to easy. She is one of those kids that will cry for an hour to get out of a 5 minute chore. Not always, but sometimes, and so when I am met with little or no resisitance, it is quite foreign. Ted told me it was unrealistic to expect to have a clean kitchen every see what I am working with here??? Needless to say I browbeat him into agreeing with our family project of keeping the kitchen clean. I will keep you posted on how this goes.

Other than that, I got groceries last night and life is good.

Oh yeah, I gained 1/2 a pound this week. Which brings me up to a grand total of gaining 2.6 pounds in the last month. I am still down 13 pounds but I have to get my poop in a group. It sucks having to re-lose what you already had lost. Goodbye eating with abandon.

That's all folks,


Monday, June 9, 2008

Swedish Fish

Wish I had some, only the red ones though.

Wikipedia Says:

Swedish Fish are a type of quasi-gummi chewy candies shaped like fish. Originally colored red with a flavor unique to the candy, they are now also available in orange, yellow and green. The flavor varies with color: the red is fruit punch-flavored, orange is orange, yellow is pineapple, and green is lemon-lime. The fish come in two different sizes. Until recently[when?], the smaller fish came only in red, now fish of both sizes are available in multiple colors and flavors. Black Swedish Fish, with a salmiak flavor, are available in Asia and Scandinavia. In Sweden the candy is marketed under the name Pastellfiskar, literally Pastel Fishes. Swedish Fish are very chewy and often stick to teeth. They also react to the temperature changing their consistency depending on if it is hot or cold, the warmer they are, they are softer and more chewy.

Things are MUCH better

While falling asleep I have been listening to a CD from Bethany called Remembering Your Magnificence by Donna Fox. I think it is helping. I am feeling much more centered and positive. Rather than thinking about how money is tight, I tell myself "I am a Money Magnet." And I am feeling good, meaning my tummy is not in knots and I don't want to cry. Which, is where I was at a few days ago. I also had my period and that could have contributed to my malaise. (Good word, huh?)

This weekend was great. I started my weekend on Thursday due to Suzie's wedding. Friday I was up at 3:00 am, thinking, starting to worry and then catching myself, tossing tunring and generally disturbing Ted sleep. Finally, around 4 I gave in and got out of bed. Packed myself, Ted and the kids up for the big day.

Grace had her hair done and she looked so beautiful. She was so proud. Pictures will be posted later. Unfortunately, while we were getting ready Sampson had the worst gas ever and practically stunk us out of the hotel room! Forever more he will be known as The Gas Man.

The wedding was great, Sam danced until 10:30 pm and Grace said "It was the best night of her life!" That made me feel so good. She also said our family was the coolest because we danced the most of anyone there. That made me even happier. She cannot wait for the next wedding.

Saturday Marie was over, and brought a TON of food. I love it when she comes over, we eat so good. Anyways, we had a good time visiting, trying to read, eating food, medicating the kids....did I mention Sam got a huge rash just before the wedding? Oh he did, and it was big bad and ugly looking. Thankfully, Marie had a remedy and it is now almost gone.

We had Kenzee this weekend, and it was great. Grace missed her so much. It was funny, I looked in the backyard and the girls were sitting cross legged on the trampoline just talking away. They looked like mini-teenagers. A glimpse into the future.

Sunday was low-key. Did a couple loads of laundry, loved up my kids.

I am sure I will come up with more later, but that's it for now,


Princess Grace

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Out of my element

So the last few days I have been totally out of my element, meaning I have been cranky, pissy and bitter all rolled into one angry mama. And really for no good reason except the normal ups and downs of life that everyone goes through and I am no one special who can be excluded from the downs and only experience the ups in life that I so enjoy. Combined with the fact that I realize I have a whole hell of a lot to be thankful for and still feel like saying "Shove it up your arse" brings on some serious guilt for me.

Anyways, today on my way to work I was especially cranked out, got to work knowing there is a meeting I have to participate in, which normally would be fine excpet that I am a Biotch today and don't want to; when a co-worker so nicely asks me to be in the meeting because she wants my feedback. I reluctantly agree and since she is a like minded person with an awesome heart (I love you Rosemary) she says to me with all the kindness in the world "You have 20 minutes to get caffeined up and to pretend you care."

That was EXACTLY what I needed this morning.

God save the Queen,


P.S. I am going to borrow a positive affirmation CD from Bethany (the lovely Bethany) and play it all day at work quietly so it seeps into my subconscious and then these awesome feelings of hopefullness and creativity and love will violently wash over me at some point before I go home to my kick ass family today! I have deemed it and so it shall be!

FYI: I read Kristas blog this morning which spoke about God and religion, hence the so it shall be, deeming and other such wackiness that has come out of me this morning.

Monday, June 2, 2008


This is how I am feeling right now: depleted

So, when I am back up to my regular levels of vim and vigor, or piss and vinegar, however you choose to view it....I will post and it will be happy and cheerful. damn it.


Cool Dude

Good Stuff

3 Musketeers Mint Bars

Dibs Ice Cream Snacks

Craisins, Cherry flavored

Banana chips



Wrap sandwiches