Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Roller Derby Booty

So today I am turning in the forms to teach a Community Ed class on Body Acceptance. 


The tummy is all twisty and scared and sort throwy-uppish.  Which just so happens to be my most favorite feeling in the world!!  Sort of like how I would imagine a person who likes rollercoasters (which I most definitely do NOT) would feel at the top of the initial ascent...and then WHOOOOOAAAAAHOOOOOOOLYSHOOOOOOT!

Yea, pretty much just like that.

If you have read my blog, you know I go on all kinds of adventures, trying new stuff, freaking myself out, sometimes failing, sometimes not, but definitely LIVING. 

The thing I am really digging is the Body Positivity Movement. I am pretty sure it is a thing right now, and I am LOVING it! 

I am learning to love the heck out of my body, just as it is.  Roller Derby Booty (cuz nobody's gettin' past my booty; unless I LET them) and all.  And I am dying to spread the love to every other woman in the world!!

So, I am writing my class and totally immersed in this world of self-love.  It is pretty much awesome. 

On April 5th, I am planning on attending the FIRST EVER Body Love Conference  in Tucson AZ.  I have gotten my niece, who lives in Phoenix to agree to house me and go to the conference with me.  YEEEK! Super excited!  I can't wait to come back with all kinds of new knowledge to share.

This is me: writing, reading and studying...LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!

Loving My Roller Derby Booty,


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